Academic Calender

June 2016

From 2nd June :-
Admission process.
15th June :-
First Term commencement - UG.

July 2016

1st July to 04th July :-
Session plan submission from Teaching Staff.
1st week July :-
Principal adddress to Teaching staff.
1stJuly to 10th July :-
SWO- Earn and Learn scheme Registration.
From 1st July :-
Practical session commencement - UG.
11th July to 16th July :-
Journal distribution-UG.
15th July :-
Quiz Competition-UG.
From 25th July :-
Class/Unit test I -UG.
31st July :-
Defaulter list of July month display and Call to parents.

August 2016

6th Aug :-
Principal adddress to FY students.
4th Aug to 6th Aug :-
Class/Unit test I - PG.
Upto 1st week of Aug :-
Journal distribution-PG.
12th Aug :-
Guest lecture - UG
15th August :-
Independence Day- Flag Hoisting.
20th Aug :-
Health check up-FY students.
27th Aug :-
Guest lecture - PG
26th Aug to 28th Aug :-
BSc-Exam form submission.
27th Aug to 31st Aug :-
BCA,BBA,BCom- SPPU exam form submission.
4th Week :-
Class/Unit test II-UG.
4th Week :-
Class/Unit test II - PG.
30th Aug :-
Defaulter List August display and Call to parents.

September 2016

1st Week :-
Defulter List display - PG.
1st Week :-
GD On Current IT Subjects- M.Sc. Activity.
6th to 10th Sept :-
Workshop .
Last week of Sep :-
Guest Lectures under Special Guidance Scheme.
21st to 24th Sep :-
M.Sc.CS - SPPU Exam form submission.
Last week of September :-
SPPU Internal Exam - UG.

October 2016

4th October onwards :-
SPPU External Exam - U.G.
From 15th Oct :-
SPPU Term End exam - B.Com.
From 15th Oct :-
SPPU Internal examination - B.Sc.First Year.
17th to 24th Oct :-
SPPU Internal exam - PG.

November 2016

4th Nov Onwards :-
SPPU External Exam - B.C.A. and B.B.A.
15th Nov to 19th Nov :-
M.Sc.(CS)- Project submission.
From 17th Nov :-
SPPU External Exam - M.Sc.CS.
25th Nov Onwards :-
M.C.A. Commerce - Project submission.
24th to 25th Nov :-
State Level Workshop in CS/Commerce.
From 21st Nov :-
Second Term commencement -UG.
From 29th Nov :-
SPPU External Exam - M.C.A.Commerce.

December 2016

First week :-
Guest lecture.
Third week :-
Class/Unit test III - UG.
Month end :-
Defulter List display - UG.

January 2017

12th to 13th Jan :-
National Level workshop - Commerce/ Science.
Second Week :-
Submission - IT Training Offer Lettters for PG students.
25th Jan to 30th Jan :-
Class/Unit test III - PG.
30th Jan :-
Defaulter List display - UG and PG.

February 2017

1st week :-
Cultural week.
Second week :-
BBA-Industrial tour.
Third week :-
EVS External SPPU exam.

March 2017

As per SPPU schedule :-
SPPU Internal and External exam - UG.
As per SPPU schedule :-
Practical examination- UG.

April 2017

As per SSPU schedule :-
SPPU Internal & External exam-PG.
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