Dear Student,
To improve teaching - learning process, we would like you to rate your teachers on some basic parameters. Your inputs are valuable and will be kept confedential, hence be candid - Principal.
  Instructions :
Do not write name/number/identification anywhere. Fill in appropriate rating points only and not the attributes. Note the abbreviations for subjects and faculty given below.
Rating must be between 1 to 5.
1 - Poor.
2 - Average.
3 - Good.
4 - Very Good.
5 - Outstanding
Course Class Semester
S.N. Teaching Staff Question C DBMS E I E II M I M II S I S II


Punctuality - Starts & closes the session on time (Regularly)

2 Subject knowledge - In depth and sound knowledge of subject
3 Communication - Clarity,Delivery,Interesting, Interactive (Participative)
4 Session Preparedness - (how well prepared for Lecture / session)
5 Eager to teach - Ability and Readiness to answer questions
6 The teachers encourage participation and discussion in class
7 The teachers are available and accessible in the Department after lecture timings
8 The evaluation process is fair and unbiased
9 The teachers guide the students for overall personality development of the students
10 Class Control
Infrastructure Question
11 Maintenance 12 Open Area Cleanliness 13 Class Rooms Cleanliness
14 Toilets Cleanliness 15 Security Behaviour 16 Class Room Furniture
Laboratory Question
17 Facility
Registrar OS Office Question
18 Student Section Response 19 Response to communication 20 Front Desk Response
Facilities Question
21 Transport Punctuality 22 Books availability in Library 23 Canteen Food Quality
24 Canteen Cleanliness 25 Drinking water Availability 26 Computer Lab facility
27 Library Facility 28 New Books Availability in Library
Security Question
29 Behaviour


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