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Science Stream

Department of Computer Sccience.
Programme Specific Outcome (PSO).

We are offering semester-wise undergraduate courses such as B.Sc in Computer Science and Post graduate courses such as M.Sc in Computer Science under Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, following the university pattern prescribed by UGC, India.

Computer Science, being a applied science, in which study of process that interact with data and investigates on the data in the form of program. It uses algorithm and flowcharts to manipulate, store and analysis of data. This course is useful to study the computational theory and to design and use of application software. Computer programming involves the use of programming languages. Interaction between human and Computer considers the challenges in making computer useful and accessible.

The exploration of the different corners of Computer science is possible through hard-core softwares, mathematical calculations and demonstrative verification of the theories through Electronics experiments. Our students learn and practice under the guidance of qualified and trained mentors.

On the completion of under-graduate (B.Sc.) and post graduate (M.Sc.) course in Computer Science

Students learn the basic mathematical tools, needed to understand different subjects of Computer Science. They are trained to apply these techniques through numerical exercises.
They are familiarized with hands-on training in the furnished and equipped laboratory for practical verification of the Electronics theories that they learn during class lectures. .
They are trained with computer programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, HTML, Dot NET and apply on problems through numerical analysis
They can apply for different integrated- PhD courses .They can pursue for M.S. in Foreign Universities.
They may also apply for various jobs with substantial salary packages.

Course Specific Outcome (CSO)

Three years undergraduate course in Computer science prepares the students for career as teachers or researchers in Computer Science.
EA course in programming and a course in database fundamentals forms the preliminary skill set for solving computational problems.
In the entire course work, the curriculum is divided into several modules (core courses), where an instructor sincerely discusses on each of the manifestations in details.
The approach is both theoretical and experimental.
In accordance with the recent development in information technology, the students get familiarized with the computation facility with motivations for computer applications.
They learn the basic mathematical tools like vector analysis, matrix and determinant, Operation research etc. and their applications in Computer programming.
To build the necessary skill set and analytical abilities for developing computer based solutions for real life problems.
To train students in professional skills related to Software Industry.
Practical course includes a preliminary preparation for website designing in the form of HTML programming. Statistics, Mathematics and Electronics help in building a strong foundation. The programming skills are further strengthened by a course in Data structures and Object oriented programming.
Students also undertake a mini project using software engineering principles to solve a real world problem

The main objectives of Computer science are to develop problem solving abilities using a computer and to imbibe quality software development practices. To create awareness about process and product standards as well as to train students in professional skills related to Software Industry also to prepare necessary knowledge base for research and development in Computer Science.

Commerce Stream

Commerce is a major stream nationwide which has an industry-oriented syllabus and approach. The higher education options also provide a very strong base with career-base courses which are needed more so now.

Expected Program Outcome

Practical exposure that would equip the student to face the modern day challenges in commerce and business.
Ability to address various tax issues.
Skills for a Financial Accounting career applying both quantitative and qualitative knowledge.
Job oriented skills, which ensure that the students are fit for every challenging situation.
Proficiency for completing various professional courses like CA,CS and others.
Ability to recognize the role of business person ,entrepreneur, manager and consultant.


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