Chairman's Desk


Dear Students,

Welcome to our world, to this experience called Vishwakarma College of Arts, Commerce & Science (VCACS). Here we believe that true leaders are defined by action rather than by position and title. Vishwakarma College of Arts, Commerce and Science has made its contribution as a well spread and benevolent institute since 2007. It strongly believes in quality education and shaping students’ mindset for a global outlook. It has been marching ahead under the leadership of Dr A.R. Patil. Programmes including B.Com, BBA, B.Sc. (CS), M.Sc.(CS), M.Sc.(CA), M.Com, BBA(CA), BBA(IB) are being offered to approximately 2800 learners. Apart from graduate and postgraduate programmes, short term courses in English, Japanese, German and French languages are also offered. The main objective of this institute is to impart quality education and make the student competent enough to face today’s competitive world.

It is characterised by the sheer quality of its faculty, staff, and students. It enjoys a reputation to work towards the cause of higher learning and growth. Given the best and enlivening environment at VCACS, more learners are looking forward to launching their careers at this campus. It is assured that at VCACS you will acquire your prescription for success.

Wise Words From Our Managing Trustee

I welcome you to the Vishwakarma College of Arts, Commerce & Science Pune. A prerequisite of leadership today is to look beyond the present to be an innovator in business or a stimulant of change in society. It is what defines us as a global enterprise. In this era of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, our success is in the fact that we decided by our ability to attract students globally and in our ability to nurture these individuals of diverse abilities. We seek students who thrive on change and strive to drive it to business success. What better place to do this than at VCACS, where students from across the country converge as one body. So it comes as no surprise to us that we have a corporate interface that matches the best, if not excels them. We constantly innovate better ways of doing things, sometimes small things, sometimes large, but a constant state of improvement. I invite you to join us in our pursuit of excellence at VCACS. I wish you all the best in your fruitful journey with VCACS.


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