Computer Laboratory


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Computer Laboratory in VCACS

  • The Institute has well-equipped and technologically-advanced laboratories.
  • Well-furnished and spacious
  • Available for all IT and non-IT students enrolled in courses that require the use of laboratory for enhancing and developing IT and business skills.
  • Equipped with office automation equipment including desktop, printers, LCD projectors, laptops and the latest software.
  • 9 computer laboratories with Windows and Linux Operating Systems and equipped with the Microsoft Office-10 suite.
  • Students are also able to access the Internet and all the Software required for their courses.


The college provides 24 hours WI-Fi facility with a 40MBPS leased line.

Internet Facility

The students and faculty of Vishwakarma College of Arts, Commerce & Science have a direct access (24x7) to the leased-line internet services through a Wi-Fi network and through intercom telephone lines. The entire network is behind a firewall and the traffic is scanned at the gateway level for threats and viruses.


Electronics Laboratory:

The institute has two well-equipped electronics laboratory. The first laboratory is designed for first-year students. It consists of circuit boards, CRO’s Power Supplies, and multi-meters. The second laboratory is designed for the second-year students. It is equipped with circuit boards, 10 PCs and an LCD projector. Both the laboratories are spacious and provide a conducive environment for students.

Internet: As a technologically-advanced institution, VCACS provides 24x7 Wi-Fi facility to the faculty and students.

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