Program Outcome

Program Outcome/Program Specific Outcome/Course Outcome

Science Stream

Department of Computer Science.
Programme Specific Outcome (PSO).
We are offering semester-wise undergraduate courses such as B.Sc in Computer Science and Postgraduate courses such as M.Sc in Computer Science under Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, following the university pattern prescribed by UGC, India.

Computer Science is an applied science, in which the study of the process that interacts with data and investigates the data in the form of a program. It uses algorithms and flowcharts to manipulate, store and analysis of data. This course is useful to study computational theory and to design and use application software. Computer programming involves the use of programming languages. Interaction between humans and Computers considers the challenges in making computers useful and accessible.

The exploration of the different corners of Computer science is possible through hard-core software, mathematical calculations and demonstrative verification of the theories through Electronics experiments. Our students learn and practice under the guidance of qualified and trained mentors.

On the completion of under-graduate (B.Sc.) and postgraduate (M.Sc.) course in Computer Science

Course Specific Outcome (CSO)

Three years of an undergraduate course in Computer science prepares the students for a career as teachers or researchers in Computer Science.

Commerce Stream

Commerce is a major stream nationwide that has an industry-oriented syllabus and approach. The higher education options also provide a very strong base with career-based courses which are needed more so now.

Expected Program Outcome

For a detailed Syllabus refer to this link

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