Success Stories


Karthik Shah

I introduce myself as Karthik Shah a proud alumni of VCACS and an advocate practicing in High Court of Andhra Pradesh.

At the very outset, I’m extremely gratified and highly pleased to share your esteemed self about my enriching ex- periences and observations while pursuing my under graduate course i.e., BBA in VCACS. Without an iota of doubt, my wisdom allows me to say that VCACS has played a paramount and cardinal role in carving out my personality to the fullest extent. In order to substantiate my above said contention, I feel proud to say that during the pursuance of my course, VCACS had offered one of the finest opportunities and exposures i.e., Internships and research opportunities, Rank based scholarships, Low student to Faculty ratio, High Graduation Rate, Engaging curriculum so on and so forth. Furthermore, the faculty i.e., devoted & proficient placement officer, Learned & virtuoso H.O.D. ma’am & Hon’ble, beloved and maven Principal sir had always been humble and generous to students in addressing the legitimate and genuine issues faced by students by resolving the issues in too. In fact, I witnessed VCACS as one of the few institutes across Pune who encourage students to participate more and more in curriculum activities and organizing various events which advances one’s leadership, management and networking skills by offering students with flexible attendance schedule and takes extra efforts to educate the students who fails to attend regular classes while being engaged in various events and competitions. The classic exemplification and output of the strenuous efforts taken by the Hon’ble institute can be reflected in my profile as these have bene- fited me right from securing Gold medal in Law College to being a former General Secretary for the state of A.P. for a leading N.G.O. I won’t hesitate in saying, the practices and discipline which I’ve learnt from this institute has made me capable enough to win more than 80 competitions and events at university, state and national level with flying colors in the last 6 years. All these laurels & enriching experiences allow me say that I’m highly grateful to VCACS for bestowing with plethora of opportunities in my under graduate life for the cumulative development of students at large.


Rajnikant Mishra

Hi everyone, my name’s Rajnikant Mishra. I’ve been with VCACS for 5 years as a student pursuing &

Holding the aspiration to complete my under and post graduation along with learning some practicable skills and dex- terity to achieve my ambition of being a successful Entrepreneur. Without any hesitation, I can happily claim that VCACS has left no stone unturned in offering educational resources best of its kind. Right from formulating business strat- egies to customer service skills, VCACS has tried to educate students in every possible way by organizing, coordinating, recognizing and hosting various symposiums, conferences and events. All such happenings have helped me a lot in my comprehensive and holistic devolment of my personality; as a result I’ve managed to establish my own firm under the name and style of MD ASSOCIATE which began to go great guns in the last 2 years. All in all, I would conclude my articulation by a small saying dedicated to VCACS. Kudos! to VCACS and most adorable Principal Sir for the exemplary work done in shaping the minds of the future generation.


Rekha Pawar

Hi, I’m Rekha Pawar , a student of VCACS. This is about my experience at VCACS .VCACS is one of the best institute.

In these two years of my M.Sc(CS) course, VCACS has provided me with a platform to learn and grow where we can ex- plore without any hesitation. Coming with an expectation to get into corporate world could only be fulfilled with VCACS .The continuous practical exposure has helped me to enhance my personality to develop skills like communication, leadership, confidence, decision making and attitude to bring positive approach to challenges of life . VCACS has a team of excellent faculties who had always guided me not only as a teacher but as true mentors. Lasty, I owe my success to Principal, my friends and my parents for believing in me and always supporting me to build a great career for myself.


Siddhika Gajare

Hi, my name is Siddhika. I’m a student of VCACS. I got placed at Cybage Soft- ware. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Talking about the two-year journey at VCACS, it’s been a transformational process for me; from being an introvert person to being a successfully-placed student in a reputed company. VCACS offers multiple opportunities for the students in their jobs and be suc- cessful. VCACS helped to enhance my skills in extracurricular activities to understand my capabilities. The continuous practical exposure has helped me to enhance my personality to develop skills like communication, leadership, confidence, decision making and attitude to bring positive approach to challenges of life.


Parag Goyal

Hi, I’m Parag Goyal, a student of VCACS. This is about my experience at VCACS. VCACS is one of the best institutes.

More recruiters visit the campus every year, and students are offered decent salary packages. The training and placement cell is very supportive. They start conducting aptitude tests from the first year of the batch so that the students don’t find any difficulty when the companies conduct aptitude exams. Besides my academics, I have always been engaged in extracurricular activities making me understand my capabilities.


Simran Punjabi

Hi, My name is Simran Punjabi and I am a student of VCACS, Pune. I did my Bachelor’s degree that is BBA - IB (International Business) from VCACS.

Got a job in All States Insurance Company. My college always motivated me to work along with studying and hence because if support from my college I have 4 years experience today and I am also promoted as a Quality Analyst now. Our college teachers always prepared us for Interviews and other skills because of which I got a job in my dream company. I am very grateful to all teachers because of them I am in a good Organization on a good position.


Shruti Agarwal

I enrolled for M. Com. at VCACS in 2019 with an aim of furthering my education in the field of commerce.

And I can happily claim that it was one of the best decisions I have taken till date. Right from the admission through graduation, the quality of education, guidance, encouragement and support I received was beyond satisfactory. Attaining this Masters degree while pursuing CA however challenging, was made a seamless courtesy of the co-operative teaching and non teaching staff. I have holistically grown with this institution which I con- sider to be a part of my extended family as they have kept me motivated and always pushed me towards my goals, especially through this tough COVID 19 pandemic. I am excited to explore the plethora of opportunities that have been created after the Master’s degree. It is difficult to put my gratitude for VCACS in words, but I would sum up my exact feelings for the college in three simple words - “Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

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